Saturday, February 1, 2014

Surah Al-Kahf - Text, Translation & Commentary

Surah Al-Kahf - Text, Translation & Commentary 
 Penulis: Sheikh Imran N. Hosein 
 Harga: RM40.00 

 As the war on Islam intensifies, and as the day approaches when the imposter Euro-Jewish State of Israel would make its bid to become the ruling State in the world, and the false Messiah (i.e., Dajjal) would rule the world from Jerusalem and declare that he is the true Messiah, I fear that there would be many, particularly governments which declare their friendship for USA and hence for Israel, who would want to ban books on the Qur'an. 

 I therefore pray most humbly, and ask my gentle readers to also kindly join in the prayer, that Allah Most High might protect books (such as this humble quartet of books on Surah al-Kahf) that use the blessed Qur'an to explain, to expose and to challenge those in the godless modern age who are waging wicked war on Islam. Amin. 

This first volume of four, containing 'Text Translation and Modern Commentary of Surah al-Kahf', makes its appearance just before main work on the subject entitled 'Surah al-Kahf and the Modern Age' and is meant to function as a companion volume to that main work.

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